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Yesterday was Talk Like A Pirate Day, which is always fun.


What made it even more fun is that Krispy Kreme had this thing where you could get a free box of donuts for dressing up like a pirate and ARRRRRging at an employee. It was a Friday. The kids had been good. My wardrobe lends itself horrifyingly beautifully to pirate wear.

photo 5(1)

The Yardleys became the YAAAAAARRRRRdleys, and we earned our donuts!

photo 1(9)

That’s my Stabby writing award that I’m licking. Delicious!

Fun, easy, and free. That’s what it’s all about, matey!

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First, I have my core group of readers and friends. I even have a Facebook Street Team called The Demonic Darlings. (If you would like to become a Demonic Darling and have first crack at free books, spreading information on releases, prizes, etc, just let me know and I’ll add you to the group.) So. I take my Crazy Army of Darkness and we go out and READ.

That’s right. We read. My books, mainly, but we’ll throw other things in there, too. We readers love variety.

And then we’ll READ SOME MORE. Dig it.

These readers will find a book or a character that resonates with them. That’s the plan, Stan. Then they’ll tell all of their friends. If each reader tells one friend, then…well, we’ll have 12 new people recruited a year.

(My plans are humble. Realism is the new joie de vivre.)

Then they’ll have children. Their children will have children. And several children down the line, they’ll all be indoctrinated with my stories and tales of my bravery, and I’ll have several statues erected to me, plus a shopping center or two. And domination will be complete! Modest, but complete!

Of course, I’ll have died several generations back, but you can’t have it all.

(But seriously, if you’re interested in participating in the street team, let me know. We’re going to be promoting Pretty Little Dead Girls.)

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The marvelous Glenn Rolfe, author and member of The Never Nudes, interviewed me on his blog. We discuss kitchen duty, Pretty Little Dead Girls, and shattering psyches. Please stop by and give it a read!

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There’s a video going around. I won’t post it, but you know the one. A couple of teens beat up a mentally disabled man in Newark, Delaware. They knock him to the ground. Hurt him badly.

That man on the ground is Coran. He has Williams Syndrome, just like my son.

photo 2(7)

Here is our story.

Here’s more information on Williams.

Of course I’m heartbroken and afraid. This is the kind of thing I worry about Every. Single. Day. My son was physically abused by a teacher when he was four years old. That changed our lives and opened my eyes to the world that we truly live in. It’s ugly, but we can make it beautiful.

I have a desire to be more proactive in comforting and soothing. To not only step in when there’s a crisis, but also to actively add something positive to my area of world. I have a project coming up called The Joy Rock Club. I’ll tell you more about it later, but it has to do with my idea that small things lead to great things. Minutes = Novels. Tiny acts of kindness can cheer somebody, who in turn can hopefully cheer somebody else. Let’s stand against the tide, my friends. Counteract what we can with our Care Bear Stare.


If anybody would like to send a card or goodie box to Coran and his family, the Delaware police department said they would make sure he gets it.

Attention Det. Sendek
C/O Coran
3601 North Dupont Highway
New Castle, DE. 19720

Let’s stop bullying. Let’s not participate or merely stand by. Let’s be proactive in not only stopping the bad, but also equally active in spreading happiness.

You guys are awesome for that. :)


Two teens were arrested and one turned himself in. They were charged with misdemeanors and released to their parents. You can read about that here.

A misdemeanor? They’re videotaped attacking the same person TWICE, and if this isn’t a hate crime, I don’t know what is. Also, yesterday in the same town, a 12-year-old with cerebral palsy was assaulted by teens while in his wheelchair. Let’s pray it’s the same group of kids because I’d hate to think there are more monsters running around.

I, along with others, am writing a letter to the governor of Delaware pointing out the severe medical problems that people with Williams Syndrome experience, and how seriously this beating could be affecting Coran’s health. I’m asking him to take a long, hard look at this case and stand up for those who need protecting.

If you’re interested in writing him, the contact link is here.

Also, here’s a link from The National Bullying Prevention Center about bullying people with disabilities. It’s wonderful to read and share. Now let’s go out there and be the front line between bullies and victims who can’t stand up for themselves. Because you know what? I can stand up for you, little guy. And I’m willing to do so.

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Pretty Little Dead GirlsThat’s a mouthful!

Author and publicist Melanie Meadors wrote up a splendid press release for Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy. You can read that here.

If you’re interested in the signed hardcover limited edition with an exclusive piece of art created by Orion Zangara, you can preorder one here.

Only 100 copies of the special limited edition will be printed, so this is your only chance to grab one. Preorders will be taken until all 100 copies sell out.

This is so exciting! I hope you enjoy!

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Because I have something EXCEPTIONALLY AWESOME to announce tomorrow, and I can’t wait! If it’s something you’re interested in, you might want to get a jump on it.

Talk to you soon!

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This is the cover, created by Hugo Award-winning artist Galen Dara.

I hope you love it.

Pretty Little Dead Girls: A Novel of Murder and Whimsy will be released on September 29. I couldn’t be happier.

Pretty Little Dead Girls

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