A List Containing Some Lovely Ladies of Horror


So February was Women in Horror Month, where we celebrated some of the dark and lovely ladies in horror. We discussed many of the newer women in the genre, but I had a lovely conversation with David J. Schow where he urged us not to forget some of the veteran female horror writers. He gave me a wonderful list and permission to share it. :)

David J Schow and me at Killercon. I was fangirling out.

David J Schow and me at Killercon. I was fangirling out.

He suggested that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley started the horror genre. And then he suggests:

Louisa May Alcott (believe it or don’t — she wrote ghost stories!)
Suzy McKee Charnas
Daphne du Maurier
Melissa Mia Hall
Allison V. Harding
Rachel Ingalls
Shirley Jackson
Kathe Koja
Nancy Lambert
Carson McCullers
Ardath Mayhar
Dorothy Parker
Jane Rice (Read “Idol of the Flies” if you haven’t!)
Lucy Taylor
Eudora Welty
Kate Wilhelm
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
 Katie Arnoldi
Kirsten Bakis
Leigh Brackett
Pat Cadigan
Gemma Files
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Sarah Langan
Elizabeth Hand
Mary Louisa Moleworth
Elizabeth Gaskell
Amelia Edwards
And for the horrific, we can sure as hell toss in Gillian Flynn and Tana French, for sure.
There are names on this list that I’m not familiar with. I’m excited to pick up some new work. Thanks to David for putting this together. :)

Fairy Eggs!

Somebody broke my chicken.

Fairy Eggs are these teeny tiny little eggs that sometimes show up like magic. They’re also called Witch Eggs. We found one in our coop and were thoroughly charmed. We wanted to make an itty bitty omelet out of it.

Fairy Egg and a regular egg.

Fairy Egg and a regular egg.

So, terrified that my chickens were being pestered by the wee folk, I checked out why fairy eggs happen. Turns out it’s usually a bump in the chicken’s reproductive cycle if they’re actively laying eggs, or possibly a new layer trying to get into the groove. Since we have one chicken that isn’t laying at all, although we won’t name any names


(the eggless black chicken)

Everyone looks at Peck the black chicken (who doesn't lay eggs!) askance.

Everyone look at Pecko the black chicken (who doesn’t lay eggs).

I assumed the fairy egg was hers.

And it turns out we were right! A few weeks later, we had two beautiful brown eggs on the same day! Add that to Jessica Fletcher’s gorgeous blue ones, and all three hens are laying!

Pecko egg on top, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner's on bottom! Woo!

Pecko egg on top, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’s on bottom! Woo!

They’re just a thing of beauty! Look at all of these sweet eggs, including the blues and the tiny fairy egg holding court. These simple things really make me smile.


Todd Keisling’s ULT #5 is Available for Preorder!

I’m a fan of Todd’s work, and this story is one of my very favorites.


“Everything you are now will never be again.”

Somewhere between the lonely highways of America’s heartland lies a place that shouldn’t exist. A place where the sky is tinged purple and strange flora sprouts from gray sands. A place welcoming the lost and promising opportunity.

For Gregory Simmons, that opportunity is paramount, but like all things in his short life, nothing comes easy—or free.

On the run from his abusive father, Gregory finds himself stranded in a Midwestern bus depot with a stranger who calls himself John Doe. “I’m a genuine Nobody,” he tells Gregory. “I help other Nobodies get from here to there.” John Doe has a proposition for Gregory, one that will send him on a midnight bus ride across reality and straight into the heart of the mysterious Other Lands.

Check your bags and climb aboard The Other Land Express, the latest entry in Todd Keisling’s bestselling Kindle series, Ugly Little Things.

The Other Land Express will be available on April 7th! Pick it up and support somebody who is pretty likely to murder you in your sleep if you don’t. :P

I’m Teaching a Workshop at UNLV!


I can’t tell you how excited I am! It’s a one day creative writing class full of young women. I was asked to read a bit from Pretty Little Dead Girls and then go on from there.

What a pleasure to be invited. And I couldn’t do it without my tribe, either. Thanks to my Angry Ginger who is willing to pick up my kiddos from school because I won’t be there to do it.

This is just AWESOME. And my poor Mom’s dreams are coming true, a bit. :P

Something Lovely. A Handmade Beaded Bracelet.

Something was missing. I wanted something lovely and wonderful in my day. So I went to my stash and pulled out some beads that I had previously purchased. They glistened in the sunlight. They filled me with whimsy.


I took a few beads, strung them on a t-pin, and then bent the top into loops until I had a bunch of dangles. Then I added two or sometimes three onto a chain link.

image(5)I finished up and added a few matching dangles for earrings.



And I have a finished bracelet. I’m thinking of turning it into a necklace instead because the sparkles and chiming get a bit distracting on my wrist, but it’s still a wonderful thing of joy. :)

Do you do jewelry at all? Do you have any pictures to show?