Grimm Mistress Twitter Chat in Five Minutes!


Hey, you guys! The Grimm Mistresses and I are doing a live Twitter Chat starting in ten minutes! To join, just hop on Twitter and use the #GrimmMIss hashtag. If you don’t use the tag, we won’t see your conversation. Ask us anything about the book, about being women in horror, about our favorite cookie recipe…whatever it is, just join us. :)  The very dear Armand Rosamilia​ will be hosting us.

Hey, Get Swabbed!

To become a bone marrow donor, you guys.  I don’t know what YOU were thinking you should be swabbed for.

There are a zillion things wrong with a zillion people, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to help.  But I have chosen to become a bone marrow donor if anybody can use me.  It was easy to register for the bone marrow donor database: go here, see if you qualify, answer the questions, and they’ll send you a little packet in the mail.  Swab your own cheeks! Pretend you’re a forensics expert chasing yourself down! And maybe save a life.

Have a good one!

Oh My Goodness! I’m a Triple Whitney Award Finalist!!!



The Whitney Awards are a pretty prestigious literary award in the LDS community. And I am SO VERY SUPER THRILLED that both Nameless and Pretty Little Dead Girls are both finalists in the Speculative Fiction category! I’m running with Anika Arrington, Michaelbrent Collings, and Brandon Sanderson. That’s right. I’m in the finals with those three! Isn’t that amazing?

Pretty Little Dead Girls

Nameless: The Darkness Comes is also in the running for Best Novel by a New Author. And that is just amazing to me.

I can’t tell you what it’s like to have people not only reading my work, but feeling strongly enough about it to put it up for awards. Thank you. It means so much.


So there’s a gala in May and I’ll be sitting at a table with my friends. We’ll wear pretty dresses and eat dinner together without children crawling in our laps, and we’ll smile and laugh and cheer for each other. It will be a beautiful night.

Beautiful Sorrows is FREE This Week Only!

In celebration of Women in Horror Month, my publishers at Shock Totem have decided to give away my short story collection for FREE this week only. It will be free from Monday, February 23 until Friday, February 27.

Beautiful Sorrows 14 (Final)

There is a place where sorrows pile up like snow and rest in your hair like cherry blossoms. Boys have wings, monsters fall in love, women fade into nothingness, and the bones of small children snap like twigs. Darkness will surely devour you–but it will be exquisitely lovely while doing so.

Mercedes M. Yardley’s Beautiful Sorrows is an ephemeral collection encompassing twenty-seven short tales full of devastation, death, longing, and the shining ribbon of hope that binds them all together.

Beautiful Sorrows… delicate prose with devastating impact. Mercedes Yardley is a female Joe Hill, and I fear her ‘Broken’ will haunt me to my grave.” –F. Paul Wilson, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Keep and The Tomb

Mercedes Yardley’s debut collection, Beautiful Sorrows, holds its hands out, palms up, no tricks, no irony, no clever retreats from honest emotions. Life’s travails inhabit these pages, and she renders them beautifully.” –Christopher Barzak, author of One for Sorrow and The Love We Share Without Knowing

Mercedes M. Yardley has the Right Stuff. She demonstrates that in her wonderful collection of short stories: Beautiful Sorrows. Each story is a different kind of gem, the bagful priceless.” –Gene O’Neill, Bram Stoker Award™-winning Author of The Taste of Tenderloin and Double Jack

I hope that you’ll take the chance to pick up my debut short story collection. You can do that here.

Beautiful Sorrows is my first book and it’s so very precious to me! Won’t you give it a try, or share it with your friends? Thank you, and happy Women in Horror month!

I Made A Thing! A Sewn Gold Necklace Thing.

image(14)There’s a subscription DIY company called For The Makers, and they have some pretty intriguing craft ideas I’ve never tried. One was this fantastic necklace.


You start out with several foil disks, and you actually sew them together with a needle and thread to form a flower. You sew seed and bugle beads into the center.


I made three flowers. Shiny, shiny gold flowers!


Add chain and thread the ribbon through. And there we have a necklace.

It’s a charming thing, and bold. It was also a pleasure to make something that I haven’t tried before.

What’s the last project you made?