I’ll Be at LTUE This Weekend!


LTUE: Life, the Universe, & Everything is a very cool symposium that my writer’s group and I hit last year. We were able to meet some wonderful science fiction and fantasy authors, and take plotting classes from Orson Scott Card and Robert J. Defendi. I learned so much, let me tell you!

Anyway, this year I’ll be speaking on the Saturday 10 am panel about Disabilities in Genre Fiction. You know it’s a subject close to my heart, and I expect a lively discussion with Sarah Chorn, J Scott Savage, Fiona Wilhelm Ostler, and Paul Genesse.

What’s even more exciting to me? My super goofy writer’s group crammed into a rented house. Bwahaha! We always have a good time.

Bob Milne’s Review. And Printable Valentines.

Bob Milne wrote the most beautiful review for Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love. It was a pleasure to read the words of somebody who understood what I was trying to do with that novel. Please take a second and read the review at Beauty In Ruins.

Also, since it’s Valentine’s Day and Apocalyptic Montessa is all about love and murder, I have some Valentine’s Day cards made by the talented Geni Devins using quotes from Apocalyptic Montessa. They’re free and printable. You can find them here.

Have a wonderful month! February is not only All-You-Can-Eat chocolate month, but it’s Women in Horror month as well. Enjoy. :)

Miss Murder’s Black Forest Trifle

How about a fairly simple and gorgeous Valentine’s Day dessert?

1 jar maraschino cherries

½ cup sugar

2 cups heavy cream

1 cup powdered sugar

2 Tbsp vanilla extract

1 pound chocolate cake

Chocolate shavings

Drain the cherries, reserving the liquid. Mix the liquid in a small sauce pan with ½ cup of sugar. Simmer until the liquid becomes thick and reduces to about half. Don’t reduce too much or the liquid will harden later. Let it cool and then mix the cherries back in.

Whip the heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla extract until it forms stiff peaks. The whipped cream will turn dark in color, but it’s absolutely delicious and still looks beautiful.

Layer the trifle with the cake, cherries, and whipped cream, and then repeat, topping with the whipped cream. Grate chocolate shavings on the top, and top with a remaining cherry, if you’d like.


Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers: My Bloody Valentine Edition


Happy Friday the 13th, friends! Why don’t you spend that glorious day with the Geeky Writer’s crew? We’re having our first broadcast of the year, and you’re invited to participate! Ask us questions on the Facebook page and we’ll answer via live (and usually embarrassing) broadcast. Spend Valentine’s Eve with your four bloody Valentines. I’ll let Todd tell you the rest. :)
Join us on Friday, February 13th at 8 PM as we go live on YouTube. We’ll talk about our latest works-in-progress, upcoming releases, and other uncomfortable topics such as “Worst Valentine’s Day Ever” and “Who’s Tied Up in Eryk’s Basement?”

As with past iterations, links to the broadcast will be posted here on the event page a few minutes before we go live. You can tune into YouTube to catch our antics and ask any questions you might have right here on the event page

The broadcast starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, and you can join the event here!

Who are the Geeky Writers?

Eryk Pruitt is a screenwriter, author, and filmmaker living in Durham, NC with his wife, Lana, and his cat, Busey. He wrote the screenplay for the award-winning short film FOODIE, and his first novel, DIRTBAGS, was released earlier this year from Immortal Ink Publishing.

Anthony Rapino resides in Northern PA and is the author of the novel SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD, the short story collection WELCOME TO MOON HILL, and most recently the audio book REALITY ENGINEERS, produced and published by In Ear Entertainment.

Mercedes Murdock Yardley, aka Mrs. Stabby, is the author of NAMELESS, the first book in The Bone Angel trilogy, the short story collection BEAUTIFUL SORROWS, and the most recent novel, PRETTY LITTLE DEAD GIRLS.

Todd Keisling is the author of A LIFE TRANSPARENT, THE LIMINAL MAN (a 2013 Indie Book Award Finalist), and the bestselling UGLY LITTLE THINGS series, all published by Precipice Books. He lives and works with his wife and son somewhere in Pennsylvania. He’s awkward and weird, and if you were to live next door to him, your grass would probably die.

In Which I Meet Aimee Bender and Swoon

aimee bender

She’s rife with whimsy. I think she’s secretly a pixie.


Aimee Bender is one of my favorite authors. I first heard of her when somebody read my short story “Flat, Flat World” and said, “You read Aimee Bender, right?” I was introduced to this brilliant, wise world rife with magical realism and some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read. Phrases fairly drip from her words like the richest of rains.


So when I found out she’d be a speaker at the Las Vegas Valley Book Festival, I was so excited and so nervous that it was pathetic. I mean, really, really pathetic.

But I sat front and center for her speech, and even had a chance to ask her a question during the Q&A. The best part was talking to her for a bit while she signed my book.


It was a very cool experience. I left happy and inspired in my own work. You can’t ask for anything better. :)

Who are some of your favorite authors? Have you ever had a chance to meet them at all? Would you, if you had the chance?


Announcing the Grimm Mistresses!


This is an exceptionally cool project, and one that I’m looking forward to.  Announcing the Grimm Mistresses Novella Collection, put out by Ragnarok.

Remember the Grimm Brothers? Those dark fairy tales that made you leave the light on long before Disney went and sanitized them? Well, we do! Now the MISTRESSES GRIMM take back the night, five female authors who will leave you shuddering deliciously. Get ready to leave the lights on again with four pieces of short fiction bringing the Grimm Brother’s tales into the present. Be advised: these aren’t your children’s fairy tales!

This gorgeous book (don’t you adore the cover?) contains five stories by female writers. I’m thrilled to share a TOC with these ladies! The book includes

  • “The Night Air” by Stacey Turner

  • “Little Dead Red” by Mercedes M. Yardley

  • “Nectar” by Allison M. Dickson

  • “Hazing Cinderella” by C.W. LaSart

  • “The Leopard’s Pelt” by S.R. Cambridge

“Little Dead Red” might be the darkest thing I’ve written. When I think about Red Riding Hood, what is it really about? Red cloaks, baskets of goodies, and skipping down a forest trail? No. It’s a story about a woman who unwittingly sends her daughter straight into the claws of the wolf. I truly hope you enjoy this tale.

Grimm Mistresses will be released in February for Women in Horror Month. There will also be signed limited edition hardcovers that will be mailed out in March. You can find that ordering information on the Ragnarok site.

I’m  so excited for this to come out! I hope you love and cheer for Red’s courageous mother just as I did. What would you do for love?

I’m the Featured Author in Lamplight!

10841826_715393915213406_3280808783954883009_oI’m so thrilled!

The December issue is now out in print. It contains an interview with me, my short story “A Love Not Meant to Outlast the Butterflies,” and fine work by Kelli Owens, Tom Brennan, Salena Casha, Rati Mehrotra, and J. J. Green.

The Kindle version is free with purchase of the print version, as well. You can find them both here.

I’m so proud of “Butterflies!” I originally had the idea for it while in New Orleans. It full of magical realism, romance, betrayal, and sorrow. I do hope you’ll read it!

Pretty Little Dead Girls Places in the Preditors and Editors Poll!


This is exciting news for me!

Pretty Little Dead Girls tied with Chantal Noordeloos’ book Angel Manor in the Preditors and Editor’s Readers Poll for Best Horror Novel of 2014.

That’s pretty sweet. And I get this little badge, which I can now flash around with pride.


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to vote. It really does mean a lot when somebody chooses to invest their time in a writer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day, you. :)

Happy Birthday, Nameless! A Ragnarok Party and a Giveaway!


One year ago Ragnarok Publications hit the ground running by publishing my debut novel Nameless: The Darkness Comes and also the 2nd edition of Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu. Pretty Little Dead Girls came out ten months later. It has certainly been an insanely busy year!


Ragnarok wrote a post about it here and also announces their 2015 lineup. I’ll be in that as well, with the sequel to Nameless.

So in celebration, Ragnarok is throwing a Facebook party TOMORROW, Tuesday, January 20 from 8-10 PM Eastern. There will be games, guests, and prizes. I’ll be giving away an ecopy of Nameless! And I’ll have 15 minutes where you can ask me any questions you would like. My time slot is from 9:00 Eastern to 9:15. Please come by! You can RSVP to the party here.

Here is the schedule for the party on JANUARY 20, 8-10PM EST.
8:00-Welcome and Rob Hayes
8:15Duncan McGeary
8:30Seth Skorkowsky
8:45Lincoln Crisler (and other authors in the antho)
9:00-Mercedes Murdock Yardley
9:15-Shane Berryhill
9:30-Joe Martin
9:45James Walley