Announcing the Grimm Mistresses!


This is an exceptionally cool project, and one that I’m looking forward to.  Announcing the Grimm Mistresses Novella Collection, put out by Ragnarok.

Remember the Grimm Brothers? Those dark fairy tales that made you leave the light on long before Disney went and sanitized them? Well, we do! Now the MISTRESSES GRIMM take back the night, five female authors who will leave you shuddering deliciously. Get ready to leave the lights on again with four pieces of short fiction bringing the Grimm Brother’s tales into the present. Be advised: these aren’t your children’s fairy tales!

This gorgeous book (don’t you adore the cover?) contains five stories by female writers. I’m thrilled to share a TOC with these ladies! The book includes

  • “The Night Air” by Stacey Turner

  • “Little Dead Red” by Mercedes M. Yardley

  • “Nectar” by Allison M. Dickson

  • “Hazing Cinderella” by C.W. LaSart

  • “The Leopard’s Pelt” by S.R. Cambridge

“Little Dead Red” might be the darkest thing I’ve written. When I think about Red Riding Hood, what is it really about? Red cloaks, baskets of goodies, and skipping down a forest trail? No. It’s a story about a woman who unwittingly sends her daughter straight into the claws of the wolf. I truly hope you enjoy this tale.

Grimm Mistresses will be released in February for Women in Horror Month. There will also be signed limited edition hardcovers that will be mailed out in March. You can find that ordering information on the Ragnarok site.

I’m  so excited for this to come out! I hope you love and cheer for Red’s courageous mother just as I did. What would you do for love?

I’m the Featured Author in Lamplight!

10841826_715393915213406_3280808783954883009_oI’m so thrilled!

The December issue is now out in print. It contains an interview with me, my short story “A Love Not Meant to Outlast the Butterflies,” and fine work by Kelli Owens, Tom Brennan, Salena Casha, Rati Mehrotra, and J. J. Green.

The Kindle version is free with purchase of the print version, as well. You can find them both here.

I’m so proud of “Butterflies!” I originally had the idea for it while in New Orleans. It full of magical realism, romance, betrayal, and sorrow. I do hope you’ll read it!

Pretty Little Dead Girls Places in the Preditors and Editors Poll!


This is exciting news for me!

Pretty Little Dead Girls tied with Chantal Noordeloos’ book Angel Manor in the Preditors and Editor’s Readers Poll for Best Horror Novel of 2014.

That’s pretty sweet. And I get this little badge, which I can now flash around with pride.


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to vote. It really does mean a lot when somebody chooses to invest their time in a writer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day, you. :)

Happy Birthday, Nameless! A Ragnarok Party and a Giveaway!


One year ago Ragnarok Publications hit the ground running by publishing my debut novel Nameless: The Darkness Comes and also the 2nd edition of Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu. Pretty Little Dead Girls came out ten months later. It has certainly been an insanely busy year!


Ragnarok wrote a post about it here and also announces their 2015 lineup. I’ll be in that as well, with the sequel to Nameless.

So in celebration, Ragnarok is throwing a Facebook party TOMORROW, Tuesday, January 20 from 8-10 PM Eastern. There will be games, guests, and prizes. I’ll be giving away an ecopy of Nameless! And I’ll have 15 minutes where you can ask me any questions you would like. My time slot is from 9:00 Eastern to 9:15. Please come by! You can RSVP to the party here.

Here is the schedule for the party on JANUARY 20, 8-10PM EST.
8:00-Welcome and Rob Hayes
8:15Duncan McGeary
8:30Seth Skorkowsky
8:45Lincoln Crisler (and other authors in the antho)
9:00-Mercedes Murdock Yardley
9:15-Shane Berryhill
9:30-Joe Martin
9:45James Walley

Vote For Pretty Little Dead Girls!

I promise that as class president, there will be a chicken in every pot and a TV in every home room.


My friends! Pretty Little Dead Girls is in the running for the Preditors and Editors Annual Reader’s Awards for Best Horror Novel of 2014. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be nominated! It really, really pleases me.

But I just found out that PLDG was in the running twenty minutes ago, and votes have been going since Christmas Eve. The polls close in two days, so if you liked this novel and you’d be happy to vote for it, please do so today or tomorrow! Any little bit of attention brought to an indie writer’s work is infinitely valuable.

If you’d like to vote, the page to do so is right here.

You don’t need to be a member but they do ask for your name and email to verify your votes and keep things honest.

Thank you so much. :)

Todd Keisling’s Ugly Little Things


I was lucky enough to snag Todd Keisling’s signed, limited edition hardcover copy of Ugly Little Things. It’s an absolutely stellar piece of work.

Those who ordered the limited edition copy were assured of certain perks, which we certainly received. But now the Kindle version of Ugly Little Things: Volume 1 will be coming out for others to enjoy.

While there are many bells and whistles exclusive to the hard cover, this collection has the entire Ugly Little Things series to this point, a novel excerpt of Nonentity, the final book of Todd’s MONOCHROME trilogy, and an introduction written by Anthony Rapino. It will be AWESOME.

Coming this February! Don’t miss it.

Easy Homemade Gnocchi For Beginners. Four Ingredients!


Seriously easy. As in get-your-five-year-old-to-make-it easy. You just handle boiling the water and the rest is good, yeah?

There are four ingredients.

1 cup ricotta cheese

1 teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon grated Parmesan

1 cup flour


Get a saucepan, fill it up, and get that sucker to boiling. That will probably take the longest out of everything.

Throw everything together and stir it up.


Mix it with a spoon for a bit, and then you’ll have to abandon it and use your hands to press it into a dough. Divide it into three balls and roll them out like snakes. If you can’t remember how to do it, ask any neighborhood child to do it for you. It’s just like Play-Doh.

You fools! Roll them into snakes! Imbeciles!

You fools! Roll them into snakes! Imbeciles!

Cut them into 1/2 inch pieces.


Then press them with the tines of a fork, because you’re all fancy. That, and Maleficent orders you to. Do whatever that woman says with no questions asked!

Whatever you say, Mistress of All Evil!

Whatever you say, Mistress of All Evil!

By now your water should be boiling. Drop the gnocchi in and let it boil for about four minutes or until it floats to the top.


Top with marinara sauce and basil. And enjoy! You are now a superstar who can pull out a new crowd favorite in about twenty minutes.

NAMELESS: The Darkness Comes Has a Lickable Cover!

“Oh, Miss Murder,” you say sweetly and with a tad bit of nervousness, “I think that you made an error there. I’m sure you meant to say that Nameless has a likeable cover.”

Aren’t you dear? But no, I meant exactly that. The cover is deliciously lickable. Observe.

SethSeth Skorkowsky, author of Dämoren.


Melanie Meadors, author and publicist.

DonaldAnd a lady-scarf wearing reader.

You can’t argue with the evidence.

Don’t miss out! Lick your own copy of Nameless today! And if you do, please send me pictures. :)

My New Year’s Resolution Involves Kanye West. Doesn’t Yours?


I found this fun little Random New Year’s Resolution Generator. I thought my resolution for the year was centered around the theme “less”, but no. I resolve to love others as much as Kanye West loves himself.

And that’s an awful lot.

This totally made me giggle! Why not try your hand at it and tell me what your random New Year’s Resolution is? I’d love to hear it! :D