I Forgot WIP Wednesday…Again


Somebody just tap me on the shoulder and discreetly whisper that I’m losing my mind. I promise not to make a scene.

Anyway, this week I’m working on a story about a woman named Violet who has…let’s just say “star issues”. I’m actually trying to write a serial in tweets, because it’s a challenge that I’ve never tried before. It’s fun but a little difficult, because each tweet needs to stand alone, but also be cohesive as a whole. I’m enjoying the process so far.

Google History: eggs benedict, killercon, sideshow press, fireworks, shipping in alaska, death note, f. paul wilson, playing at the hilton, sparklier, blood soaked chandelier, totems


6 thoughts on “I Forgot WIP Wednesday…Again

  1. Totems are a fascinating concept. I enjoy them. And I’m afraid I’m crossing over to Natalie’s dark side.

    K.C. I know, I’ve been following Unicorn Chase but I didn’t realize it was you! I’m enjoying it! Formatting the darn thing on that Excel page is taking me far too long, however. Grrr.

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