WIP Wednesday. Big Man Ben!



Check it: It’s WIP Wednesday!  And I actually realize it before 11:00 at night!  I’m getting better at this, methinks.

Actually, I’m quite excited because I finished “Big Man Ben” last night, as hoped.  Sure, I typed the last few lines literally ten minutes before running out the door, but victory is victory, and I am feeling particularly victorious.  Why, you ask?  Because Big Man Ben is a milestone for me.  It’s very literary, it clocks in at 8,200 words, and nobody has wings or pointy teeth.  It is, perhaps, the most realistic story that I have ever written.  And anything outside of the box is something to be proud of.

Which means that wings and pointy teeth are inside the box for me.  Hmm. Yay!

Also, I received an acceptance from Silverthought today!  They’re going to run one of my favorite stories, “Flat, Flat World” next week or so.  I’ll link you guys.  It’s one of the very first spec fiction stories that I ever wrote, and I was still discovering that ephemeral voice.  No wings or pointy teeth, but there’s a magical realism-ish tree and a man who walks through walls.

Yeah, I have a slight crush on him.  I can’t help it.

Tonight is America’s Next Top Model!  Reality TV is pretty awful, but for some reason I’ve been watching ANTM since season (cycle) 1.  I think it’s a nostalgia thing by now.  That, and I love to watch their photo shoots.  I love how to see how you slap on some crazy makeup, throw in a wind machine, and magic happens. 


Google history: hot cocoa maker, twitblock, blood light, the seventh gate, mslexia, recidivism rate in sex offenders, halloween costumes, feather headpiece, death be not proud


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday. Big Man Ben!

  1. BT: You may use this picture only if you leave your wings and/or fangs in the box. 😉

    Sure! Take away! I stole it from Matt Betts, who stole it from somebody else. I’m always filching things from Matt. It’s great fun.

    Thanks, Natalie! I’m excited to see it in (online) print.

  2. I know that I’ve seen ads for it, so we get Beauty and the Geek. But I don’t have cable, so I’m missing out on a lot of stuff. What I wouldn’t give to watch Project Runway! Or Discovery’s shark shows. Or A&E for it’s true crime.

    …perhaps it’s best that I don’t have these channels.

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