Happy Halloween! And Mourning A Darling.

Black Widow

This is a Black Widow that lives in our backyard, amongst the poisonous Oleander and Night Shade.

Oh, all right.  The Oleander is actually the neighbor’s that hangs over into our yard, and the Night Shade is simply Night Shade, not Deadly Night Shade.  ‘Cuz I have little ones, and one chooses to keep little ones away from Things That Are Poisonous.  Which is why this spider, although gorgeous, is a short-timer.  I shall mourn her, but sometimes we must kill our darlings.

Which brings me to writing.  Which brings me to NaNoWriMo.  Which begins in two hours. 

Good luck, friends.


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! And Mourning A Darling.

  1. Wow… Even in Australia with all the crazy wildlife and creepy crawlies we have I’m still terrified of spiders, and though this one’s beautiful I’d hate to stumble across it in my yard!
    Best of luck with your NaNo… you’ll be great! 😀


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