NaNoWrimo: The Beginning

Great White Shark Pumpkin

It all began with a text message saying, “Are you up for the first word war of the season?”  During a word war, a group of us write insanely on our manuscripts for a predetermined period of time, and whoever writes the most is declared the winner.  It’s a motivational tool for NaNoWriMo, and I find them extremely effective.  The first word war began at midnight, marking the beginning of this year’s NaNo.

It was a disaster.  I have been so extremely busy and distracted that I haven’t had the time to dream about my story like I usually do.  My inspiration and writing was stilted.  No no no!!

Then I came to my senses.  It was only the first day.  I’ve been stewing on the plot every spare second, and I still believe that magic will happen.

I also had a short piece go up at With Painted Words. It’s called “Ephemerality” and it’s based on an absolutely gorgeous  picture created by Chris Howard.  I’ve quite enjoyed checking out his work.

All right!  Back to NaNoing, all!


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