Come Back From San Francisco


This song by the Magnetic Fields is one of my favorite songs of all time. Thoughtful, profound, and heartwrenchingly melancholy. I’m so very glad that I was introduced to it several years ago. If you haven’t heard “Come Back From San Francisco”, then you should go and listen right now. It’s beautiful.

So! I’m (obviously) in San Francisco with my friend Laura, and we’re having a wonderful time! We wandered through some pretty shady areas, had a strange guy slap at us with newspapers, ate delicious clam chowder in a soup bowl, and are currently staying at a hotel with a demon picture on the wall. Will wonders never cease? No! I don’t think that they will! 😀

A shark-shaped puddle!




2 thoughts on “Come Back From San Francisco

  1. I absolutely love San Francisco and their clam chowder sourdough bowls. Have a glorious time at your event, my dear. Btw, very neat shark-shaped puddle. That’s talent… being able to see art/shapes in anything. *smile*

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