WIP Wednesday: I Am A Bear

The Williams Project is going well.  I spent some time this week wandering around the empty wasteland of personal memoirs, looking around to see what does and doesn’t appeal to me.  I’m struggling a bit with the layout of the Project.  I’m a very free-spirited writer.  I outline extremely loosely if at all.  (In fact, somebody just called my outlining technique “Tarot for stories” and I laughed.  It’s true.)  As me what happens two chapters down the line and I shrug and say that I don’t know.  Originally I wanted to do this book as a series of personal essays, where you can open up to any chapter and get a glimpse of life.  Then I found myself starting to write in chronological order, and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Is that really what I want to do or what I should do?  Concerns were alleviated last night when my awesome writer’s group pointed out that I should just write it all out and then arrange it later.  Different way of going about it, sure, but then this is a very different project. 

Also, my writer’s group did some recording the other day for a podcast that will make you laugh yourself silly at some point.  I was delighted to play the part of “food court patrons on fire” and “roaring bear”.  I am the worst bear that you ever heard, but thanks to the wonders of technology, they were able to make me slightly more fierce.  The spirit is ferocious.  The voice is not.



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