A Newborn Field Mouse

I have to be honest;  It’s still difficult to be here.  I want to get back onto the writing/blogging horse. After the birth of one daughter and the death of two more, I feel like I’m a newborn field mouse, stumbling around in the meadow.  Some days I’m absolutely full of laughter.  Some days I wonder if I’ll ever stop hurting.  It wearies me to put pen to paper sometimes.  The keys of the keyboard are harder to press.  I stare into space thinking about how lucky I am, or how saddened I am, or how damned I am.  But writing gets me through it. It’s how I process.  I’ll slowly start making the blogging rounds again as I get my feet under me. I miss you, and don’t give up on me, yes?  🙂


10 thoughts on “A Newborn Field Mouse

  1. Mercedes, Thank you for being so courageous and sharing the inner most depth of your beautiful soul! Being a field mouse is okay, and so is taking your time and healing in your way. Life is a MAZE, and you Ms. Lovely will find your way.


  2. You guys are the absolute sweetest. Thank you all for being so dear! Now it’s time to stop staring out the window and time to pull my combat boots back on. Thank you for giving me the motivation! 😀

  3. Mercedes, sometimes combat boots are the answer but not always. You alone can decide. If you need combat boots and want a marching partner here I am but if you need a shoulder to lean on, you can find me for that too. You are so dear and have been through so much. Your strength is testament to your core self.



  4. Take all the time that you need. You’re not forgotten, or moved past, you’re just being given the space you need until you tell us otherwise. And when you’re ready, let us know, and we’ll start poking you until writing gets done 🙂 With something sharp, of course, because attention to detail shows we care.

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