Hey, Wanna Be A Goon? A Contest!

So I’m in a quandary.  I’ve been naming goons for a sweet noir, and I’m all out of ideas.  There is one goon left, bodyguard to the organization’s leader, and he/she is currently nameless. It’s a small part, but important. Because, hey, who doesn’t want a bodyguard with an awesome, goonish, name?

Darlings, would one of you care to be my goon or goonette?  I’ll use your name (or a version thereof) and your likeness for my goon.  Again, it’s a brief mention, but it’s a real mention! In a book! And it’ll be awesome knowing that you have some kickbuttery under your belt! Way to work for the Vegas underworld, baby!

If you’re interested in allowing me to use you, please leave a comment below.  I’ll leave this open until Monday, April 30 so there will be plenty of time to collect glorious, glorious names. Random.org will make the final decision.  I hope this is fun for everyone, and thanks in advance for offering yourselves up. Bwa ha ha ha!


12 thoughts on “Hey, Wanna Be A Goon? A Contest!

  1. Nah, I would call her Shu Ta’Dour. She would be military-trained, from the French Foreign Legion..super Assassin whose cover is as an escaped Geisha-turned-runway-model. Super Lethal and Super Sexy at the same time… 😉

  2. If I ever moved to Vegas, it would be for a career in evil and/or assisting evil, so this seems like a good career move. I could use your book like a calling card.

    Well, I would have to wait for my victims to read it before maiming them, but I could leave a bookmark on the right page, couldn’t I?

  3. I don’t know if my name is particularly well-suited to goondom, but my likeness could make for an odd goon. I mean, I’m not even 5′ tall, but I can throw objects accurately with my feet, and I can lift and throw more than twice my weight in humanflesh. 😉

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