Miss Murder Wields a Knife: The Summer Edition

You will become delicious marinara sauce, my beauties!

This has been a summer of firsts.  Three kids at home in a tiny little house, my first book, experimenting with a vegan diet, which ultimately leads to cooking. Lots and lots of cooking.  I’m a baker by nature, not a “cooker”, and the idea of chopping, dicing, and standing there stirring things makes my eyes roll back in my head. But I’m trying it, and there’s something to be said for it, I guess.  Anyway, today I’m using up the last of our tomatoes and I’m trying homemade marinara, using this recipe. Let’s see how it goes, folks.

It’s probably the most stressful time of my entire life, but also the most rewarding. I’m trying to learn how to keep on top of things and chill out simultaneously.  Tough call! Do you have any helpful tips, my friends?  How do you not only balance, but balance well?


5 thoughts on “Miss Murder Wields a Knife: The Summer Edition

  1. Amanda, I’m sort of getting into the zen of chopping vegetables. But then, I cut myself a lot, too. 😉

    I miss you, Milkshakes! Oh, we have to talk. 😀

    Mine too, Tony. The house can be really clean, but I won’t write. Or I write, but the kids go feral. But can’t a person have it all? Is that or is that not a realistic expectation? I honestly don’t know anymore.

    J.C. Figure out the balance thing, bottle it, and make a fortune!

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