Miss Murder/Snow White.

I was gone for a week and nobody saw the rabbit, but the day after I returned, so did she. She’s currently hopping around my backyard as I type. Such a sweet little thing. I call her Omen. Or Giggity G. Or Thor. Or Bunniful. Or whatever the heck I want, because she’s here and she’s beautiful and I love her. I don’t expect her to stay, so every day is like a gift.


Speaking of gifts, my dear friend’s daughter was stolen from her, but they got her back on the same day. All of my sorrows seem like nothing in comparison. I realize that I give my trust too easily, and I’m naive when it comes to others. I am ready to lose the things that hurt me.

In New Orleans, I put out my hand and a big, green dragonfly landed on it. Dragonflies have happy, smiley little faces.

Later that day, I fed some birds at Cafe Beignet. Happy little things. One was bolder than the other, and actually hopped into my palm in order to snatch her beignet. If only we would have been two seconds quicker with the camera!


feed the birds

feed the birds


With the bunny, the birds, the white butterfly that landed on my blouse, the bee and the dragonfly, a friend posted this to my Facebook wall.  “You’re the horror world’s answer to Snow White.”  It made me smile.



2 thoughts on “Miss Murder/Snow White.

  1. Get some pellets to put out for the bunny. Possibly some carrot pieces. OR they have yogurt pieces in the pet section at walmart. I’m not a fan of feeding wildlife, but bunny sounds like she used to be a pet somewhere. 🙂

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