Pimp A Friend Friday: Crystal Lake Publishing

Tales from the Lake 3 banner with date - small

Dive into the deep end of the lake with 19 tales of terror, selected by Monique Snyman.

Tales from the Lake Vol. 3 features ghosts, monsters, assassins, alternate dimensions, creatures from the deepest depths and the darkest parts of the universe.

Join “Maybelle” by Mere Joyce in a world where books become real enough to cause both pleasure and pain. Avoid the sounds of “The Cruel” by Harper Hull, lest you want to come to a terrifying end. Travel across the world to see what terrors lurk in an abandoned hospital with “Hush” by Sergio Pereira.

This non-themed horror anthology is filled with suspenseful stories, terrifying thrillers, tragic tales, mystifying mysteries, and memorable adventures that will leave you wanting more. Let these modern urban legends prickle your imagination, share it around a campfire, and revel in the magic of Crystal Lake’s exceptional authors.

The Owl Builder by D. Morgan Ballmer

Tragedy Park by Chris Pearce

Enclosures by Sumiko Saulson Woe

Violent Water by Lily Childs

The Cruel by Harper Hull

Red Scream with Little Smile by Paul Edmonds

Maybelle by Meredith Cleversey writing as Mere Joyce

Rodent in the Red Room by Matt Hayward

The Deeper I Go The Deeper I Fear by Natalie Carroll

The Pigmalion Pigs by Mark Allan Gunnells

Chemical Oasis by Tommy B. Smith

Hush by Sergio Pereira

The Reaper’s Fire by Kenneth W. Cain

Effigy by Kate Jonez

Scents of Fear by Steve Jenner

The Bet by Amy Grech

A Hand from the Depths by Dave-Brendon de Burgh

The Monster of Biscayne Bay by Roxanne Dent

The Song at the Edge of the Unfinished Road by Patrick Bates

Foreword by the editor, Monique Snyman.

Proudly represented by Crystal Lake Publishing.

Amazon: http://getbook.at/Lake3

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31437640-tales-from-the-lake-vol-3


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