Announcing In This Point Of Stillness!


I’m delighted to announce In This Point of Stillness, a new microficton chapbook collaboration written by Dustin LaValley and Mercedes M. Yardley (That’s me!).

This was an insanely fun project. Microfiction stories are just what they sound like: teeny, tiny little stories told in few words. The collection is quite lovely and has an emotional impact. It’s 54 pages of microfiction separated into His and Hers sections, with a few guest collaborators. Yay!

In This Point of Stillness will be released soon in a limited edition chapbook from Dynatox Ministries. I can’t wait! This was just such a joy to work on, and I loved working with Dustin. He has such intensity and drive in his work, and it paired well with the languid lyricism of mine.  I’ll show you the cover when we have one ready. I hope you enjoy!


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