IN THIS POINT OF STILLNESS by Dustin LaValley & Mercedes M. Yardley

You guys. I’m in love with this collection. I’m in love with this cover. I’m in love with my co-author, Dustin LaValley’s dog, Bronson. Like, I’m crazy obsessed with him! There is so much love!

And this is a limited edition chapbook with a run of 150 copies. That is all.


-55 pages
-Perfect-bound 6×9 paperback
-Limited to 150 copies

Mercedes M. Yardley and Dustin LaValley bring to the stage an eclectic series of works definable as micro-short stories. Spanning vast worlds of eccentric characters, each self-contained act journeys through the depths of light and dark, the natural and the unnatural, and the human and the inhuman. Boasting the talent of supporting guest stars, In This Point of Stillness stands out as a true challenger to the formulaic play of fiction.

You can buy it for seven dollars plus shipping from Dynatox Ministries. Interested in picking up our collaboration? You can purchase it here. You might want to hurry because when they sell out, they’re gone.

I had so much joy working on this. It was fun to twine my words and thoughts with Dustin’s, especially while all of this feminist, political upheaval was going on. It was a great way for me to share my voice. Love to you! I hope you enjoy!



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