A Mormon Walks Into A Bar With A Book About Murder.

It sounds like I’m setting you up for a bad joke, but it’s really what I call Friday night. I had just done a reading of Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love at a cool local venue, and then stopped by to get dinner at the casino’s bar in order to eat yums and validate my parking. Never a dull moment in Vegas. :)w



My Labyrinth Baby Quilt!

You remind me of the Babe.

My Angry Ginger had one of the cutest babies in the whole entire world, and I’m not saying that because I’m her friend. I know a darling babe when I see one. Her nursery is decorated in Labyrinth, because her parents are insanely awesome and geeky. So I made what I think is my favorite quilt yet, the Labyrinth quilt!


It’s cute, feminine but not too girlie, and who isn’t in love with those tiny Ludos? I know that I am!

I never in a million years would have thought I’d enjoy making blankets, but I do. I really do. It’s a stress-reliever for me, as long as I’m not under any pressure to do them. And Labyrinth! Do you love it as much as I do?

The Las Vegas Shooting.

I’m going to start out by saying that my family is safe. This is the main purpose for this post, because I want loved ones to know that the Yardley family is accounted for.


That isn’t the case for everyone, and that’s difficult to wrap my head around. Last night was a panic as the story unfolded. It was a rush of undigestable information, people saying that there were shootings at New York, New York as well as the Mandalay Bay. Friends working on the Strip took cover, or took the back roads to get home. They pulled over and picked up strangers fleeing on foot, driving them away from the screams.

Ambulances were overwhelmed and there was a call for civilians to drive non-critical shooting victims to local hospitals. Locals offered services, like bottles of water or food or rides or places to stay. “I have a couch for someone who needs it. I can fit six people in the basement if you sleep on the floor. I have blankets. I have fresh diapers and baby supplies.”

Of course, there was the ugly, too. The screaming and blaming and shaming before the bodies were even cold. Pictures of corpses innundated Twitter. I couldn’t look. If it was someone I knew, I didn’t want to see them like that. I didn’t want the responsibility of saying, “Oh no,” and being the one to telephone a friend or acquaintance to ask if they had gotten a hold of so-and-so, because I saw a picture that looked so very much like them, and perhaps…


Now it is morning.  I didn’t sleep last night. Now I’m checking to see if the kids are supposed to go to school today. I’m trying to figure out how to tell my girls about what happened. I don’t know what to say.

My son’s bus driver pulled up half an hour late.

“Are you and your family okay?” I asked him. We looked each other in the eyes, like real people do.

“My niece was at the concert. She hid in the bushes. After I’m done with my route, I need to pick her up.”

This affects everybody. I don’t even know. I don’t know what to say.

Come to Miss Murder’s Reading at Joe Maxx Coffee Company! And a Free Raffle!

Image may contain: indoor

Beginning the blanket you’ll win!

I’m absolutely delighted to be reading at the  Joe Maxx Coffee Company’s Dime Grinds this Sunday, October 1. Dime Grinds is a free live reading program from 2-4 PM where you can listen to readings, ask the authors questions, buy books, and enjoy book signings. Coffee is ten cents a cup, so kick back and enjoy!

I’ll also be holding a free raffle for a soft, flannel Halloween blanket that I made. I started it in my hotel room during the Storymaker’s conference (which is one of the best writing conferences I’ve ever been to) and I’m finishing it up now. In fact, it’s lying on the floor in pieces as we speak. Everybody who attends the reading get a ticket. If you purchase one of my books online or at the reading, you get a second ticket. The winner will be drawn out of a hat there at the reading, and boom! You go home with a handmade blanket for the darkest of holidays. Your chances of winning are exceptional, so come on by! I hope to see you. 🙂

 Joe Maxx Coffee Company

2:00 -4:00 pm

500 E. Windmill, 89123



The Sweet Agony Of This Adorable Quilt Block.

It’s seriously the most darling quilt block, but perhaps not for beginners. I’m a beginner.

Oh, isn’t this first little stripe cute? Sure is! Now make 60 of them.


Anyway, I ended up with a darling little lap quilt that I was really proud of. And I promply gave it to my cat. Because it was my first block quilt and I made enough mistakes that I was ashamed to show anybody. And do you know who has never had a handmade quilt before? My sweet Mystery Cat Marsh. He knows when I put it on my lap and pat my knees, it’s time to jump up and purr. It makes me so very happy!