Come To A Free Reading This Sunday!


You guys! I am super excited to be a part of October’s Painted Stories event! It’s one of the coolest things going on in Vegas. Two authors go onstage and read while artists illustrate their work right in front of you. I can’t wait for this!

This month’s theme is “Spooky Autumn” and I’ll be reading from the House of Horrors section of Nameless: The Darkness Comes.  Fellow author Paul Atreides will be reading from his book Marvin’s World of Deadheads. 


Meegan Boiros and Charlotte Fox will be our artists. How incredible is that?


Please come by the Clark County Flamingo Library at 2 pm. The address is 1401 East Flamingo. We’ll be in the Jewel Box Theater, which is lovely. Please come and enjoy some art and literature! I can’t wait to see you there. To learn more, come check out the website here.


Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers TONIGHT!


Sorry I’ve been so MIA on this blog lately. Between a tornado that totaled my in-law’s business, nearly slicing my fingertip off with a rotary cutter, and other little things that make up life, I haven’t been online very much.

Thanks to all who have been emailing, texting, calling, private messaging, and asking through the grapevine if I’m okay. I’m okay. That’s why I’m calling tonight’s Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers the “Proof of Life Edition.” Ask questions and we’ll answer them! We’ll chat about Halloween and new books and POLITICS. Okay, so maybe not politics. OR WILL WE? (Probably not.)

Either way, come hang out and have fun with us! If you miss the live show, you can always watch it later on Youtube. We’ll have a great time. We always do. The main page for the show is HERE, and later we’ll give a live link. Hope to hear from you!


Gamut Magazine Reopens Tonight!


Gamut Magazine is scheduled to open to submissions tonight at midnight, CST. We’ll remain open until we receive 300 submissions, and then we’ll close. Gamut has chosen to cap submissions at 300 a month for two main reasons. 1) We want to reply in a timely manner, hopefully in 31 days or less, and 2) we don’t want to suffer staff burnout. One we reach 300 subs, we close while we get everything read. Last month we reached 300 submissions in 14 hours, so you might want to be quick to submit.

The staff put together a wishlist of things we’d like to see, and a few suggestions of things we’d prefer not to. These are: more psychological, magical realism, diversity, hooks and endings that matter, ghostly atmosphere, poetry in general, speculative in general, actual non-fiction. Less telling, gore, misogyny and hate, waking up to start a story, cliche and formulaic stories, goofy humor, needlessly purple prose, violence without redemption, slow starts, less genre poetry, less exposition, camp/satire, rape/abuse, etc.

We’ve already chosen some gorgeous stories, and I hope you’ll send us yours! Please remember that we read blind, so follow the guidelines and strip your information from your work. I can’t wait to see what you send!

Detritus In Love Pre-Orders Are Up!


I can’t tell you how excited I am! Pre-orders for  Detritus In Love are now up! Detritus comes out on October third, and you can pre-order it for $2.99 here.

“What unfurls in the form of The Opposite is a haunting and unsettling presence—one that our protagonist, Detritus, must battle, with a motley crew consisting of only his ghostly best friend and a long dead love. Suits of skin, bloody rain, vermin and insects unified in upheaval—this tapestry is a vibrant, visceral horror, written by two introspective visionaries.”—Richard Thomas, author of Breaker and Tribulations

Detritus in Love is a dark portrait of the fantastic, tinged with shades of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. Boden and Yardley kept me hoping and wishing on each star they painted in their stark night sky. –Matt Betts, Author of Odd Men Out and Indelible Ink

I have to admit I did a happy dance when I read these blurbs, both by authors I enjoy and respect. I hope you enjoy the book. It’s a good little Halloween read, and is about 40 printed pages. It’s meant to be devoured in one sitting, and will take about an hour or so to read. Please enjoy.❤

Cover Reveal for Detritus in Love!


Eeeeee! Here it is! This is the collaboration John Boden and I have been working on. He sent me a snippet of a story to read, and I fell in love with the characters. There was the unfortunate boy named Detritus by his mother. The ghostly best friend in a Nazi uniform. The dead girl who refused to acknowledge she was dead. And the ravenous Opposite.

John asked me if I wanted to collaborate on this story, and we sent things back and forth, taking our time and writing a few lines here and a paragraph there. It was truly a joy.

Detritus in Love will be released on October 3rd from Omnium Gatherum. I can’t wait! This is truly something different, and I hope you enjoy it.

Meet with Me on Thursday! We’ll Talk Queries.


One of the most daunting parts of writing is actually querying and submitting your stories. It’s a bit frightening to look up strangers and ask them if they’d like to read your work, but it’s an integral part to the process that simply can’t be skipped. You can’t be published if you don’t submit, yes? And you can’t submit if you don’t query. So I’m here to talk about it in a friendly, straight-forward manner and hopefully take the fear out of the process. We can do this, guys. What’s even more important? We will do this.


Come to the Tap House and attend the Las Vegas Writer’s Group meeting this Thursday. The food is great, it’s a casual, friendly atmosphere, and I’ll be speaking on querying and submissions. New writers are absolutely welcome, and it’s always great for veteran writers to brush up on their skills. Doors open at six for dinner and networking, and I start speaking at seven. I’ll be signing books after, if you’d like to stick around. There will be a five dollar entrance fee at the door.

The Tap House

5589 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 at 7:00.

My goal is to have you feel confident in querying. Please bring any questions you have and I’ll make sure to answer them. You can learn more by following this link. Hope to see you on Thursday!


This is Horror: Best Writing Advice Episode


In this podcast twenty writers discuss the best writing advice they’ve received. Contributions from Stephen Graham Jones, Mercedes M. Yardley, Helen Marshall, Paul Tremblay, George Ttoouli, Nina Allan, David Moody, Jessica McHugh, John F.D. Taff, John C. Foster, David Bowles, Lisa L. Hannett, Bob Pastorella, Josh Malerman, Richard Thomas, Vincenzo Bilof, Jasper Bark, Sarah Langan, S. P. Miskowski and This Is Horror Podcast Host, Michael David Wilson.

This might be one of the most epic podcasts I’ve ever listened to. It’s full of advice from 20 writers, and the stuff is good. I also add my two cents and share some advice that changed not only my career, but my life in general. I hope you enjoy and find something that really resonates with you! Please listen and enjoy.