Come to the Painted Stories Reading Today!

It’s one of my very favorite reading series in Vegas. Local authors read their work while local artists paint the scene on canvas right in front of your eyes. It’s insanely cool.


Brian Rouff, Eric James Miller, and I will be reading some spooky stories to celebrate this dark time of year. I’ll be reading my short story “A Personal Apocalypse”, which is the only Mercedes M. Yardley zombie story to date. It has been called “ethical,” “frightening in its relevancy”, and “hilarious.” So. You don’t want to miss that. ūüėČ

We’ll be signing and selling books afterward, if you’d like to stay and chat.

It’s today, Sunday October 22, from 2-4 pm.

College of Southern Nevada

6375 West Charleston Blvd

K Building, K 101 Auditorium.

There’s a suggested $5 donation at the door. I hope to see you there. And eeeeee! Paintings!



Pimp A Friend Friday: Lillian Rose and Meriweather Asterios

You guys! YOU GUYS. Lillian Rose Asterios and her husband Merris do some of the most gorgeous artistic work that you’re going to find. I can’t tell you how breathless I am to see what they create and sell. Things like this:

Image may contain: shoes and outdoorDo you see those stunning earrings? They’re made from ethically collected butterflies who have already passed. I swoon. I mean, seriously. In fact, I just placed an order for a pair.

She also created this gorgeous coloriong book, available on Amazon.

Merris painted these:

Image may contain: 1 person

And this!

No automatic alt text available.

Please take a minute to scour their Facebook pages and see what you’d like to purchase. Their work is wonderful! You can find Lillian’s work on her page, as well as Meriweather’s work on his.

I hope you find something that fills your soul while supporting artists. ‚̧



Painted Stories. Check Out This Art!


The reading was a wonderful experience. I went in to it pretty worn out and exhausted, but I felt rejuvenated by the time I left. Wonderful organizers and a warm, receptive audience really made for a good time.

But the art. Oh, the art! I read a section from Nameless: The Darkness Comes while two intriguing artists with wildly different styles painted live. I’ve never seen anybody simply create like that before, and it took my breath away.


Meegan Boiros did this gorgeous painting while we watched.


The broken girls in the House of Horrors by Charlotte Fox.

I can’t create art to save my life, although I wish I could. It was such a pleasure to watch these two women paint this scene in under 30 minutes.

I loved reading. It was a wonderful time. They do this program often, and I hope to eventually be invited back. What a great experience!

Such A Dreamy Day

My friends. I had so much to tell you today. About interviews and books and new authors I met and how hard I’ve been working. How splendidly everything is coming along.


But today is such a dreamy day. I can’t seem to do anything physical and logical. I can’t talk to people right in front of me. But today Melanie Meadors and J.L. Murray and I pretended to have coffee together. And I found myself discussing the beauty and my fascination with The Rochester Panel near my home town. My beloved chickens laid their first eggs. And I fell in love with the art of Leslie Ann O’Dell. She has a print titled “Widow” that I would like to buy.


“Widow” By Leslie Ann O’Dell. This is currently for sale on her site, which is linked above.

I told somebody I’m not firmly tethered to the earth today. It isn’t a bad way to be.

My Doppleganger!

Thank you to the talented and likeable Danny Grigsby for painting this amazing painting! I can’t tell you how excited I am!


Mercedes M. Yardley

My Angry Ginger and I dressed her up.

First in my old ball gown. (Everybody needs a red ball gown.)



And then in my wedding dress.



Now she’s hanging on the wall where she belongs.

Thank you so much, Danny!


Shark Art!

The coolest thing happened.¬† Remember my short piece “Public Mourning” that was published in Robert Swartwood’s Hint Fiction anthology?¬† I was all atwitter about it.¬† I was in an anthology with Joyce Carol Oates, for crying out loud! How could things get any better?

Well, they managed to, and this is SWEET.¬† The Columbia Art League (¬† ) in Missouri had a show based on stories from Hint Fiction.¬† “Wow!” says I.¬† “That’s awesome!”¬† But not as awesome as artist Therese Whang¬†creating a sculpture based on my story.¬† Just when I thought I couldn’t love sharks anymore, Therese creates something super unique.¬† Thanks to Therese for creating something wonderful based on something I wrote and to Robert Swartwood for taking the pictures.