This Is What Love Looks Like

I’m under some pretty intense deadlines and other stresses. How do you eat an elephant? You unhinge your jaw and try to devour all of it at once. Naturally.

I came home from an unscheduled grocery store run (Arg, it ate up half an hour I didn’t intend to lose!) to this beautiful spread by Middlest.


“You need to eat, Mom. You forgot all morning.”

This is what love looks like.

The First Day of School

It’s all crazy.  Lunches were made.

Pictures were taken.

Darling, your backpack goes on your back.



And then the craziness ensued.  There was a bus, yes, but it was taking my son to the wrong school.  We just managed to get him to school, then turn around and retrace our steps to get our daughter to her school.  Now the baby (hello, baby) thinks that she’s the only child. She’s sitting on my lap at this very moment, eating a spare copy of a writing contract.

I’m surprised at the depth of my emotion. I’m torn between “My babies!” and “Huzzah, so much more time!” My goal is to put in four hours of writing/writing related activities every day while the kidlets are learning naughty words in school.  This will help me achieve my deadlines, and will just plain rock. It’s the beginning of a new era for me, and I’m so digging it.

Have a good one, my friends.  Know that you are loved.

Can’t Talk Now. Meeting A Deadline.

Which is so awesome! The last week has been a blur since Baby Cyborg Ninja came home.  Why is she a cyborg, you ask?  They wouldn’t bust her out of the hospital unless her monitors came with her.  I plug Sweet Thang into the wall and let her charge.  Run and tell that.

I’m finishing the edited draft of my demon novel and sending it to my group tonight.  They’ll go over it yet again (I pay them in cookies and absolute adoration) and then I’ll send the  final polished draft to my agent during next month’s holiday weekend. It feels so good to have my family all together, and writing going well, and the house hasn’t blown off of its foundation.  Yet.

So! I leave you with an absolutely awesome picture!

Guide Me, Kenny Rogers!

I did the craziest thing.  I thought back to when I was a kid out in the country, and we’d run around singing Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler”.  (Don’t you judge me!)  To this day I think of the words, “Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.”

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and those-soon-to-be, I knew when to fold ’em. I folded and I ran for the hills.

I’m usually fantastic with deadlines. I can put on The Bunny Ears of Might and write like a possessed woman if I need to.  But I admit that I get overwhelmed, and this has been a particularly crazy time.  Throw in the fact that my family came down with the bubonic plague (well, okay, a Las Vegas cold, but it’s practically the same thing) and I realized that I had bit off more than I could chew.

I emailed several dear, dear people explaining that I had to push my self-imposed deadlines back a bit.  These weren’t hard and fast deadlines, which I had already worked to hit, but deadlines that I either asked for or gave myself in order to motivate me.  As one friend put it, there isn’t really anything riding on it, and why stress and become more ill when it isn’t necessary?  The people who I work with are dears, and very kind, and I currently breathe a sigh of relief with four major deadlines off of my back at the moment.  The only project that I’m absolutely still working on is finishing my novel before Robby D, but I’m even prepared to dance around horribly and sing an awful song as penance for not completing on time, if necessary.  It feels good.  Thank you, Kenny Rogers.  And now, enjoy this song, and my awesome, rural childhood. 😉

WIP Wednesday: The Gauntlet is Thrown


Wow, and it was thrown in  a big way.  My goal is to have my Williams Project in the hands of Mr. Agenty Man J by November first.  This gives me a concrete deadline as well as clearing my plate for my fifth NaNoWriMo, yeah?  I can totally do it.  First I have to take all of my separate chapters and put them together in some sort of cohesive structure so I can give it to the Illiterati.  But I’m dragging my feet.  Wah, it’s too daunting, I’ve never written a novel length nonfic piece before, I can’t get myself over that initial hurdle, boo hoo hoo.  So what did my fantastic writer’s group do? 

They issued a challenge.

Ooh, I feel my eyes starting to glow just thinking about it!

Ryan Bridger, aka Battle Bunny, challenged me this: I will write two more chapters this week and put the book together for Illiterati meeting next Tuesday.  If I do this, he will write a theme song on the guitar or piano for any story that I have written.  I get to choose.

“Great!” says I.  “What happens if I don’t do it?”

Which won’t happen, of course.  Because a song?  Awesome! And oh yeah, I hate to lose.

“If you don’t do it,” he says, “you have to credit the book to Ryan Bridger.”

Whaaaaat?  Ryan will have credit for writing a wrenching story about mothering a child with a rare genetic disorder?  Oh no he didn’t!

When I was done laughing, we shook on it.  And today I’m going to throw myself into the project.

This is why I love my group.  They get me 100% and know how to motivate.  Plus when we’re done?  We’re all hitting the rollercoasters.  Thanks, guys! 😀