Miss Murder Goes Glam


Totally dressed up. I’m the cock of the walk. Eggsellent! And some other horrible puns.


Ann Wilson in Las Vegas!


My first concert was Heart’s Bad Animals tour when I was seven years old. I’ll forever be thankful that my dad was cool enough to take me. They’ve been one of my favorite bands forever. So when Ann Wilson preformed on Fremont Street, I was all over that!

Her voice is so incredible. I always wanted to sing like Ann Wilson or Bonnie Tyler, but I sound more like a very timid Jewel.


It was 105 degrees outside with no airflow, so we were dying a bit. This is what a very hot Ann Wilson fan looks like. But it was so worth it!


What an amazing night! Her music moved my soul. What a pleasure to let go a little bit and dance in the street my husband and happy strangers!


Who are some favorites you’d love to see in concert, or see again?

The Impromptu Disney Tea Party

I closed my computer and walked away for a minute. And what did I come back to? The most delightful Lego Disney tea party ever. My girls simply went wild.

Needless to say, writing took a back seat and we played instead. Sometimes kids know when we need a break. 🙂



What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?


“More, Elsa?” “Yes, please, Beast. Pour it right into ole Chip here.”

Come See Me at Barnes and Noble Today!


Barnes and Noble is celebrating B-Fest this weekend! Stores all over the nation are having guest authors, panels, signings, giveaways, and games. It’s a great time to pop in and support your favorite authors.

Join us today for B-First at 11, where you can get samplers of upcoming YA books, an author panel and signing with Christene Houston, Jessie Humphries, Mat Kaufman, Keith Thomsen, and Mercedes Murdock Yardleyat 1, and then our 2 PM game and spelling B-Part of the Fun events!

So. Come by and say hi. We’d love to have you! (And B&N has air conditioning. That’s super important.Come cool off.) The address is:

Northwest Rainbow Promenade 
2191 N Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89108

Madame Perry’s Salon: An Interview


I was invited into Madame Perry’s Salon for an interview and we had the best time! Jennifer Perry has the *most* glorious laugh, and it was such a pleasure to go on her show. She asked about Little Dead Red, the Bram Stoker Award, and what went through my mind when my name was called. It wasn’t what you would think. If you have some time, why not pull up a chair and take a listen?

We talked for about an hour and a half, but I hear the recording stops at about 45 minutes. That’s honestly for the best, since the rakish Jasper Bark showed up at the end there and let fun and debauchery reign. I adore that man.

Anyway, stop by and enjoy the fun!

A Warning From Zoltar

There’s a town called Primm about 45 minutes south of Vegas. And there’s an old casino that is dirty, seedy, smoky, and all kinds of wonderful. It has a movie theater. There’s a death-defying roller coaster and a log flume. And there’s an old arcade with our buddy Zoltar.

He was most famous by making Tom Hanks Big in the movie by that title. I wanted to see what he could do for me.


I coughed up a buck in order to get my fortune.

image(180)And, with trembling hands, I waited to see what he would say.

0809141014Zoltar pretty much used flowery language and incantations to tell me that I ought to be more careful with my spending money and people are waiting to take advantage of my sweet nature. Sort of like giving a machine a dollar and getting a “meh” type fortune instead of buying a Coke, I guess. Good call, Zoltar!

You should stop by sometime. See what the Great and Powerful Zoltar reads in the stars and sees for you.