The Day Facebook Killed Me.


This is the tale of how I died.

It was in November, because I had just voted in the presidential election. This little window popped up at the top of my Facebook account saying, “We hope people who love Mercedes will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate her life.”


Well. I guess I’m dead.

It was a massive glitch that affected quite a few people and Facebook fixed it shortly with an apology. Some people thought it was pretty funny. Others were horrified. I made sure that I called my parents and let them know everything was fine before the deluge of phone calls buried them. I interact with so many people online that if I’m gone for more than a day or two, I’m bombarded with so many well-meaning”Are you okay?” messages I can’t crawl out from under them.

Remember me fondly on Facebook, friends.



In This Point of Stillness Arrives!


And she is GORGEOUS.

In This Point of Stillness is a limited edition He Said/She Said microfiction collaboration with Dustin LaValley, and I think it’s a beautiful thing. It’s such a pleasure to hold it in my hands!


Each story is quite short (as microfiction is) and they tend to twine together a bit. If you’re interested in your own copy before they sell out, you can order one here.

I’m so pleased with it! Eeeee!

Miss Murder’s Easy Fruit Bites


“Mooooooo-ooooom, I want a treat but we don’t have anything.” Or “Let’s bake a pie, but that will take a million years!” Or “It’s too hot to have the oven on for very long, but piiiiiiiie.”

I have it covered. This is a go-to treat that whips up quickly, is super easy, and still manages to taste decadent. Better yet, it’s something that little hands can do as well. Enjoy Miss Murder’s Easy Fruit Bites.



Two cans Pillsbury crescent rolls

One 21 ounce can of fruit pie filling

One cup of powdered sugar

Two teaspoons of milk or water

Cinnamon and sugar


Step 1: Grease a muffin pan. Lay the Pillsbury crescent dough flat in the pan. (Usually I go for generic stuff, but every generic brand I tried broke. Pillsbury was the only one that worked for me.) Spoon in about two tablespoons of pie filling. I used peach.

Step 2: Fold up the crescent rolls and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar to taste.

Step 3: Bake in a preheated 375 oven for 13-15 minutes, or until the rolls are golden brown. Remove and place on a cooling rack.

Step 4: After they cool, mix powdered sugar and milk to form a glaze. Drizzle it over the fruit bites, let set, and then enjoy!


Fill with fruity deliciousness! 

Fold up the crescent rolls and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar to taste.


Bake in a preheated 375 oven for 13-15 minutes, or until the rolls are golden brown. Remove and place on a cooling rack. After they cool, mix powdered sugar and milk to form a glaze. Drizzle it over the fruit bites, let set, and then enjoy!


Join Me and Finish It UP!

A quick look around the house showed me how many incomplete projects were lying around. I had started them with a vengeance! I was on fire! Unstoppable! And then somewhere along the way, I became…much more stoppable.

So. Unfinished projects. Let’s knock them out.


I’m starting the Finish It UP (Unfinished Project) campaign in order to get myself back on track and clean some of these projects off my plate. Won’t you join me? Simply choose one project a month and complete it. It can be anything that you started and walked away from. You can choose in advance what project you’ll finish up, or you can pick something at random at the beginning of each month. I’m going to focus on it for six months, and if things go well, hopefully I’ll keep it going longer.

Please join me! What do you need to finish up? Is it a writing project, art, quilting, sewing, music, or something else? I need to finish up some quilts I started, a turquoise necklace that broke midway, and a bench that I want to upholster and paint, among other things. Completing something feels so good, and it also declutters our homes. Let’s do this thing!


The Horror Review: Detritus in Love


William Grabowski from The Horror Review took the time to review Detritus in Love. And friends, it makes my heart sing. Please take a second and read it here. ❤ If you’d be interested in purchasing your own copy of Detritus, you can do so here.

I was privileged enough to read a section from Detritus on the Queen Mary for Stokercon, and it reminded me how much I love this story. My heart has a hole that only Det, Schultz, and Blank can fill.

Fairy Gardens


Tonight I was in charge of eleven little girls for an activity. First we gathered around and I read them Sleeping Beauty, with twelve good fairies and one evil one. Then we made fairy gardens.

We filled mason jars with some fresh earth, fake plants, and magical creatures. Fairies, princesses, and mermaids live in their new enchanted homes. It’s such an easy project but so charming!

Then we ran around the room playing fairy games, and ended up eating chocolate cupcakes (called “fairy cakes” elsewhere). It was just a fun night. 🙂

The Little Dead Red and Other Stories COVER REVEAL!


I’d thrilled to show you the cover to my collection “Little Dead Red and Other Stories,” which will be put out by Vault Books.

Marcela Bolívar is the artist and she knocked it out of the ballpark! This is only one of the gorgeous illustrations that she did. The numbered edition will have four original pieces of art, and the lettered will have five. They are all breathtaking.

​Vault Books is extremely pleased to publish a limited edition printing of the Bram Stoker winning story, Little Dead Red along with selected other short stories and essays. Little Dead Red & Other Stories will be an exclusive printing of this collection unavailable anywhere else, and will showcase Yardley’s ability to terrify us with short stories, flash-fiction, and of course, her award winning novelette.

Table of Contents

  • Little Dead Red
  • Taking the Storm as a LoverCharms for the Dark Season
  • Milk and Moonshine
  • Deadened (Previously Unpublished)
  • The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows
  • A Cypher of Spring
  • Big Man Ben
  • Ravenous Stars, Carnivorous Moon (Previously Unpublished)
  • Black Eyes Broken


  • Hide the Sickness
  • A House Without Corners
  • Monarchs (Previously only available in audio)

Little Dead Red & Other Stories will be available in two different editions. Here is what they will have in common:

  • A new, original cover, as well as three additional full-color interior illustrations by Marcela Bolívar
  • A rich and horrifying collection of Miss Murder’s short fiction, containing two brand-new, unpublished stories (“Deadened” and “Ravenous Stars, Carnivorous Moon”), as well as the exclusive print version of her essay, Monarchs.
  • A new Foreword introducing the Bram Stoker Award winning novelette and the other stories
  • An in-depth interview with author, Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Brief explanations from the author discussing each story in the collection, giving readers a window into the author’s mind (safety not guaranteed)
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Smyth sewn for durability
  • Foil stamping on the front boards and spine

Numbered Limited Edition:

  • Limited to up to only 500 copies
  • Bound in leather
  • Personally signed by Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Hand-numbered

Lettered Edition:

  • Limited to up to only 52 copies
  • Bound in leather
  • Personally signed by Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Hand-lettered
  • Housed in a custom slipcase
  • Will contain one additional art piece not in the numbered edition


The collection is available for preorder HERE.