This Is Horror Episode 120…With Outtakes!


This is the second  part of the two part interview with This Is Horror. We discussed Gamut, rejections, and fairytales. Also, exploding Coke Zero bottles, selling organs on the black market, and about ten minutes of outtakes. There was a lot of laughter. The three of us were giggly things.

The thing with interviews is that you never quite know the direction they’ll take.😉

I’d like to thank This Is Horror for being so generous with their time with me. You can listen to both parts of the Interview and a reading of my short story “Luna e Volk” below. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 119: Mercedes M. Yardley talks about NaNoWriMo, The Poetry of Language, and Beautiful Horror.

Episode 120: Mercedes M. Yardley talks about Gamut Magazine, Rejections, and Fairy Tales

Episode 122: Mercedes M. Yardley read Luna e Volk.


My Darlings, May I Read You A Story?


Last night was a crazy night with SWAT going after the people two houses down. We heard megaphones and sirens and what could have been flash bombs, but the girls and I were huddled together on the bottom bunk, telling stories to distract ourselves from the fear. Because stories make everything better, and listening to a story is one of life’s oldest and greatest pleasures. It was also all I had to offer, since I was a bit shaken myself.

My darlings, may I read you a story? This is Horror podcast invited me to read something aloud, and I chose one of my favorite stories from my Beautiful Sorrows collection. Here is “Luna e Volk,” a tale of beauty, darkness, and a young man who is so entranced by the old tales and movies that he meshes fantasy and reality together. Please take a second to drink something soothing and listen to “Luna e Volk.”

Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a small, charming Thanksgiving this year. Just us, some favorite foods, video games, and movies. Thanksgiving carries a lot of baggage for me, but I tried to shrug it off and spent time really focusing on the people and things I’m grateful for.


Gratitude really does make everything better. I hope you have a wonderful day, and find the joy and peace you’re looking for.❤


Things of Peace and Beauty


Most of you know that my anxiety is through the roof. I make a conscious effort to bring peace and beauty into my home, so I have things to calm me. Like my indoor jungle.



Sitting next to a warm bunny.


A sweet bowl for my kitty ring.

img_5336-1Marsh the Mystery Cat snoozing outside. Small things, all, but things of joy. They’re tiny islands of beauty in a stormy sea, and every time I see these things I smile.

What are some of your favorite things? Would you share them with me? I’d love to hear.

This is Horror Podcast Interview! Episode 119.

14996534_10101309758396084_2142927969_nMichael David Wilson and Bob Pastorolla invited me on Episode 119 of the This Is Horror Podcast, and it was such a blast! We discussed NaNoWriMo, lush language, beautiful horror, and the benefits of having your roommate perform kitchen table surgery with regular utensils. I may or may not have recommend removing a kidney as a form of weight loss, and definitely as a way to raise funds on the black market.

In case you couldn’t tell, we had a good time. Great questions, discussions, a challenge from Michael that I accepted, and a lot of laughter. Please drop by and take a listen!

This is part one of the interview. If you’d like the whole thing in one shot, you can go to this link and donate $4. Not only will you get the entire interview, but you’ll support This Is Horror and earn Michael’s undying love. No, seriously, he promised that. He’ll love you forever, and eternal love is worth achieving. Do it.🙂

I hope you enjoy listening even half as much as I enjoyed recording. It was so fun! These are nice guys doing wonderful things for the genre, and that’s pretty stellar.


Painted Stories. Check Out This Art!


The reading was a wonderful experience. I went in to it pretty worn out and exhausted, but I felt rejuvenated by the time I left. Wonderful organizers and a warm, receptive audience really made for a good time.

But the art. Oh, the art! I read a section from Nameless: The Darkness Comes while two intriguing artists with wildly different styles painted live. I’ve never seen anybody simply create like that before, and it took my breath away.


Meegan Boiros did this gorgeous painting while we watched.


The broken girls in the House of Horrors by Charlotte Fox.

I can’t create art to save my life, although I wish I could. It was such a pleasure to watch these two women paint this scene in under 30 minutes.

I loved reading. It was a wonderful time. They do this program often, and I hope to eventually be invited back. What a great experience!

Come To A Free Reading This Sunday!


You guys! I am super excited to be a part of October’s Painted Stories event! It’s one of the coolest things going on in Vegas. Two authors go onstage and read while artists illustrate their work right in front of you. I can’t wait for this!

This month’s theme is “Spooky Autumn” and I’ll be reading from the House of Horrors section of Nameless: The Darkness Comes.  Fellow author Paul Atreides will be reading from his book Marvin’s World of Deadheads. 


Meegan Boiros and Charlotte Fox will be our artists. How incredible is that?


Please come by the Clark County Flamingo Library at 2 pm. The address is 1401 East Flamingo. We’ll be in the Jewel Box Theater, which is lovely. Please come and enjoy some art and literature! I can’t wait to see you there. To learn more, come check out the website here.