The SHOES HAIR NAILS Winner is Announced!

The hardest part of this whole contest?  Was not commenting on your awesome, sweet, and sometimes hilarious secrets. I didn’t want to screw the numbers up by telling you how much I dug what you had to say.  You guys are incredible, and any mother would be lucky to have you.  Rock on.

So! Onto the winners!  I used to pick two winners.  Every person received one entry, so if you commented a few times to follow something up or to correct typos, I just deleted the extra comments to keep things fair. Believe me, dear friends, a typo certainly won’t disqualify you in any way, or make us look down upon you in shame.  You’re beautiful, and these things happen.  So here are the numbers that were randomly selected:

So commenter number 23 is Laura J. Hickman!  Woo hoo!  And commenter number 7 is Mandy A!  Congratulations, Laura and Mandy! You have each won two copies of Deborah Batterman’s fantastic collection SHOES HAIR NAILS.  One winner will win two print copies, and one will win two digital.  Be sure to email me at mercedesyardley (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing or email address, and tell me which type of copy you’d rather receive. If both of you want the same type of copy, the first one to request it gets it.  Let’s all give Deborah a hand for her generosity, shall we?  I truly hope that you enjoy her book.  I certainly did.

As for the rest of you, thank you so much for participating, and leaving such awe-inspiring secrets about your mothers. I enjoyed this immensely.  Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!


Deborah Batterman, Unmasked. And a Mother’s Day Giveaway!


Today’s masked writer,Deborah Batterman, just wows me with her picture.  It was taken here in Las Vegas, nonetheless!  Deborah is the author of SHOES HAIR NAILS, which I reviewed here.  As you can tell, I totally dug this short story collection. It was full of wit and heartbreak.  I know that you want to get your paws on it. And now you can!

Deborah has graciously offered to give away 4 copies of this collection for Mother’s Day!  Two lucky winners will win two copies each.  That’s right: one winner will win two print copies, and the second winner will win two digital copies.  One for you and one to share with your mother or somebody else of significance.  Does it get any cooler than that?

Entering is simple. Just leave a comment and you’re entered.  End of story. If you want to make it super fun, tell me a secret that you haven’t told your mother.  For example, I am eternally grateful that I have my mother’s eyes, but I’ve never mentioned that to her.  Let’s make this fun, shall we?  😀

This contest will run through Mother’s Day, which is Sunday, May 8th.  I’ll stop taking comments at midnight Eastern Standard Time, and I’ll use to determine both winners.  The winners will go up on Monday, May 9th.

Enjoy! I hope you all get a chance to read Deborah’s collection.  It was truly beautiful.  Let the comments begin!

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman

SHOES HAIR NAILS by Deborah Batterman is an evocative short story collection laced with truth and a touch of sorrow.  Batterman’s book is an intricately woven work of stunning depth.  It’s full of diverse characters with universal challenges, and the “it is what it is” way that they accept their realities is honest and true to life.  I found myself setting the book aside after each story in order to fully digest the content. I raved about it to several girlfriends and even my mother.  It has certainly been a while since I was touched by such a powerful collection.

While each tale has its own unique voice and strength, my favorites were “Hair” and “Crazy Charlotte”.   Both had to do with young girls and the quirky, free-spirited women that influenced their lives, but that is where the similarity ends.  These stories not only made me feel, but they stayed with me long after I read them. 

Deftly written and infused with equal parts beauty and heartbreak, this is a wonderful collection about family, lost love, and the enduring strength of women. It was truly a pleasure to read, and I would recommend it.