The Little Dead Red and Other Stories COVER REVEAL!


I’d thrilled to show you the cover to my collection “Little Dead Red and Other Stories,” which will be put out by Vault Books.

Marcela Bolívar is the artist and she knocked it out of the ballpark! This is only one of the gorgeous illustrations that she did. The numbered edition will have four original pieces of art, and the lettered will have five. They are all breathtaking.

​Vault Books is extremely pleased to publish a limited edition printing of the Bram Stoker winning story, Little Dead Red along with selected other short stories and essays. Little Dead Red & Other Stories will be an exclusive printing of this collection unavailable anywhere else, and will showcase Yardley’s ability to terrify us with short stories, flash-fiction, and of course, her award winning novelette.

Table of Contents

  • Little Dead Red
  • Taking the Storm as a LoverCharms for the Dark Season
  • Milk and Moonshine
  • Deadened (Previously Unpublished)
  • The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows
  • A Cypher of Spring
  • Big Man Ben
  • Ravenous Stars, Carnivorous Moon (Previously Unpublished)
  • Black Eyes Broken


  • Hide the Sickness
  • A House Without Corners
  • Monarchs (Previously only available in audio)

Little Dead Red & Other Stories will be available in two different editions. Here is what they will have in common:

  • A new, original cover, as well as three additional full-color interior illustrations by Marcela Bolívar
  • A rich and horrifying collection of Miss Murder’s short fiction, containing two brand-new, unpublished stories (“Deadened” and “Ravenous Stars, Carnivorous Moon”), as well as the exclusive print version of her essay, Monarchs.
  • A new Foreword introducing the Bram Stoker Award winning novelette and the other stories
  • An in-depth interview with author, Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Brief explanations from the author discussing each story in the collection, giving readers a window into the author’s mind (safety not guaranteed)
  • Printed on 60# acid-free paper
  • Smyth sewn for durability
  • Foil stamping on the front boards and spine

Numbered Limited Edition:

  • Limited to up to only 500 copies
  • Bound in leather
  • Personally signed by Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Hand-numbered

Lettered Edition:

  • Limited to up to only 52 copies
  • Bound in leather
  • Personally signed by Mercedes Murdock Yardley
  • Hand-lettered
  • Housed in a custom slipcase
  • Will contain one additional art piece not in the numbered edition


The collection is available for preorder HERE.

Happy Anniversary, Beautiful Sorrows! And a Super Apex Sale!


Five years ago I published my first book, Beautiful Sorrows, from Shock Totem Publications. Now it’s being re-released from Apex, and I couldn’t be more pleased! They’re running a killer deal where you can get all five books from Shock-Totem-Turned-Apex authors in the Shock Bundle.

Shock Bundle from Apex Book Company. 5 books to thrill! $10 digital and $50 trade paper back.

The Wicked by James Newman
Ugly as Sin by James Newman
Beautiful Sorrows by Mercedes M. Yardley
Shine Your Light on Me by Lee Thompson
Greener Pastures by Michael Wehunt

You can buy the bundle HERE. Thank you for the love and support, and happy anniversary to my very first foray into being published. It’s been a beautiful and wild five years!

Beautiful Sorrows Is 99 Cents! Until Wednesday Only!

Edward Scissorhands says you should buy Beautiful Sorrows.

Edward Scissorhands says you should buy Beautiful Sorrows.

Things You Can Do With a Dollar

1. Leave a tip that will earn you a dirty look from your server.

2. Buy an ugly pair of gold(ish) earrings at the Dollar Store.

3. Eat it and weep.

4. Look at the fast food dollar menu and fume because nothing is a buck after tax.

5. Buy your copy of Beautiful Sorrows! Support an author! Support Shock Totem Magazine! Give yourself (or somebody else) something wonderful to read!

So!  The Kindle version of my short story collection Beautiful Sorrows is currently on sale for 99 cents.  That’s right! The paperback sells for $13.99. The ebook usually sells for $2.99, but we have a Super Special Holiday Sale going on until Wednesday.  Yay!  YAAAAY!


I’ve received some wonderful reviews by people who took time out of their busy schedule to not only read the book, but also to review it. I can’t tell you how wonderful that is! Beautiful Sorrows currently has a 4.5 star average on Amazon.  I’ve been compared to Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Kelly Link, and Ray Bradbury.  How absolutely humbling and amazing! Does that sound worth a dollar to you? 😀


Also, the holidays are upon us, and I know there’s always a scramble to find gifts for the people on your list. Kindle ebooks are amazingly simple to gift. All you need is the email that your recipient uses for their Amazon account.  Fun, frugal, and definitely better than anything you’d find at the dollar store.

If you’re interested, the link is here: BEAUTIFUL SORROWS FOR 99 CENTS!  

Thank you! And please spread the word. Happy Holidays!



First Stop on the BEAUTIFUL SORROWS Blog Tour! Harley May!

One of the best, most dear, most talented and witty people that I’ve come across is my friend Harley May.  You can’t get more delightful than her.  Harley agreed to be the first stop on the Beautiful Sorrows blog tour, and I’m just so pleased that she took the time to write about our delicious craziness, which really does go hand in hand.  Please stop by and read her post! 
Also, she is giving away a paperback copy of Beautiful Sorrows! All you have to do is leave a comment to enter. I hope to see you there!


Oh, I can’t believe it! Beautiful Sorrows is available for pre-order! You can also pre-order the Limited Edition Hardcopy with my exclusive chapbook, Star-Eaten Soul.  We’re only making 50, and I’m delighted to say that they seem to be going rather fast.  If you’d like to get your hands on a copy, you can order here.

Thank so much for your support!

Mama Always Said To Dream Big

Today is a day of great things. I’m slowly kicking the cold that was kicking me.  The banner came for Beautiful Sorrows, so I’ll be able to take it with me to book signings.  Killercon starts in a week (wahoo!). My darling Angry Ginger came by and chatted for a while. And I just learned that I was mentioned in a review for John Skipp’s Psychos: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen, and the Criminally Insane  on Criminal Element. Not only do I swoon about being in such a cool anthology with some simply stunning authors, but I’m delighted that I was mentioned alongside one of my (and everybody else’s) favorite writers, Neil Gaiman.

This is, I think, my second anthology that I share with Mr. Gaiman, and naturally he doesn’t know me. But my Mama always said to dream big, and one of my dreams is that he’ll blurb a certain novel of mine that has yet to be published. So this gives me time to work my way up, you see.

The second part of that dream is to have David Bowie narrate it. So I have to majorly get cracking. 😉

Before you laugh, I truly believe that few things are impossible. If you work hard enough and catch the right breaks, perhaps something wonderful can be achieved, yes?  I feel that way knowing that I’ll see my first copy of Beautiful Sorrows on Monday. There was a point where writing a book seemed like it would never be possible, but it’s right over the horizon! I’m so very, very grateful.

So tell me! What are your pie-in-the-sky big dreams?

Is This…Happiness?


Oh, my darlings. My dear ones.  I have been far busier than I have ever been. Last night I laid everything out for my writing group, whose eyes grew wider and wider and I continued without taking a breath.

“And I’m almost caught up on anthologies, but of course I still have the main novel and the book launch and volunteering for Killercon and I’m behind on putting my blog tour together but I have some signings scheduled and then there’s school and Niko’s bus takes him to THE WRONG SCHOOL and tomorrow are cardiologyappointmentsandthenwehaveimmunizations…”

Do you know what my group said?

“They shouted, ‘Mercedes, you’re nuts!'” you shriek with glee. And you would be right, if they were ordinary people.  But, ah, they are quite extraordinary.

They offered to watch my kidlets.  They offered to fill out paperwork if necessary.  They are wonderful, and if it weren’t for Mason, Ryan, and billie, I would be curled up in  little ball about now.  Thank you, my dear, dear friends!

So for a quick update:

Niko’s bus will finally start taking him to the correct school next week.  It’s been crazy trying to drop two children off at separate ends of the city when their schools start 10 minutes apart, but soon it will be manageable!  The cardiology appointment, which I was dreading, was a four hour ordeal, but both Niko and Lilia have good, stable hearts.  What a relief!

The book launch for Beautiful Sorrows will be a wonderful, low-key event  at Killercon.  Not only will I be doing a reading, but I’ll be meeting several friends (and the Shock Totem staff!) face-to-face for the first time. I’m delighted!

I hope you can come.  I also invite you, if you so desire, to help me spread the word about Beautiful Sorrows.  I can’t express how excited I am!  I love the cover.  I love the illustrations.  I love the stories, and the preface made me swoon.  Shock Totem Publications put such care into this book, and it shows.  If you can tell your friends, or surprise them with copies for Christmas, or possibly share pictures of the cover (below), or put the banner above as your Facebook cover (just click on them to bring them to full size)  I would be so pleased! So many trials and tears to get to this point, and now I look around and think, “I think that I am very, very happy.”