Warping Your Children on MOTHER’S DAY!

Which is even better than warping them any other day of the year, except maybe on their birthdays. Bwa ha ha!

Mother’s Day was very bittersweet this year.  I was able to enjoy my precious children (who were obviously possessed by imps today.  Sweet and adorable they were NOT, at least until after nap time).  That was very sweet.  But I very much mourned the loss of my daughters who passed away last year. It will be a year next month, and when you think your feet are finally under you, there are days when you emotionally faceplant. But we’ll discuss loss later in a different post.  Today is for celebration, for I have successfully warped my little ones!

First, here is a letter written by my son.  Niko is nine years old and has Williams Syndrome. He types very well on a computer, but struggles with handwriting due to muscular issues, spacial issues, and the fact that he is a lefty. We all know that lefties are going to hell, as reported by a million and one websites.  Which are serious about it.  Apparently I’m supposed to tie Niko’s left hand behind him and force him to write with his right, but I’m lazy and, um, NOT CRAZY, so there goes that.  Anyway, he did this:

So you see his name at the top?  Then he wrote MAMA.  I’m not ashamed to tell you that this literally brought me to tears.  I know how to turn your kidlet’s handwriting into a necklace, so I’m going to do that with this and wear it with pride.

My four-year-old did this picture:

She said, “That’s you on the bottom.  You’re scared, and I’m making you feel better.  And here’s a rainbow.  And a puppy.”   Do you see my mouth drawn in a round ‘o’?  Because apparently I am terrified of the joy that rainbows and puppies bring.

“This is beautiful and warped, darling,” I told my daughter.

She smiled prettily.  “Thank you.  And your hair is blue.”  Rock on.  I haven’t had blue hair since I was a newlywed, I think.

Yesterday she drew a picture of our turtle.  “This is Rush. And this is the shark that’s going to eat her.  And here’s Rush’s apples and celery, so she isn’t hungry.”

That’s my girl.

Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friends.  May it be all that you hope. 🙂