Announcing the Exquisite Death Audiobook

Exquisite Death Cover

Oh, I’m excited about this! My stories “Ray the Vampire” and “The Exquisite Beauty of Death” will be released in audiobook format on August 13, 2013 by In Ear Entertainment. Ray is one of my favorite characters, and is a MC in my very first novel, which I plan to revise soon. And the woman in “The Exquisite Beauty of Death” stole my heart. I plan to feature her again, later.

Do you see this gorgeous cover? My story made the cover! The artist, Michelle Harvey, did a beautiful, beautiful job. And I’m so excited to be sharing this TOC with Cate Gardner, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Todd Keisling, and Anthony J. Rapino. 

Being in something cool is awesome. Being in there with friends is even better.